Horizon Foundation concluded phase 1 in WASH Project for IDPs in Abyan

The first phase of WASH Project has been concluded which targets 3 districts in Abyan Governorate. “We are really grateful. The WASH kits and the hygiene education sessions are a great change to all of us, and it will greatly reduce the spread of diseases”, said a local community leader in Zinjubar; the capital of Abyan Governorate.

“Horizon has been a great supporter. In the past, we suffered from acute shortage in hygiene and family kits. We are now having our need of these stuffs. However, other needs still required like water supply facilities and latrines”.Through self-funding, Horizon Foundation implemented WASH activities in three districts of Abyan that have IDPs camps providing hygiene and family kits and organising hygiene promotion campaigns.

“We implemented WASH activities in 12 IDPs camps that locate in schools in three districts of Abyan Governorate; Zinjubar, Jea’ar and Lawder, depending on the needs and assessments in these areas,” explained Dr. Jamal Al-Haddi; the Chairman of Horizon Foundation.The project in its first phase reaches almost 1,200 IDPs improving their access to safe water resources and to sanitary latrines, hand washing stations, bathing places and raise their awareness toward hygiene concepts.

The project plans in the 2nd phase to provide the IDPs communities with fiberglass tanks, to fetch clean water by trucks and provide more latrines in addition to continue in awareness sessions and distribution of hygiene and family kits.

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مؤسسة هورايزن
Horizon Foundation concluded phase 1 in WASH Project for IDPs in Abyan #Yemen #Horizon http://t.co/wAC0kY57OJ http://t.co/t3BQ0WIdJd
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