Horizon Foundation starts “Hayyone Ajmal Initiative”

In the context of Young Volunteers Project activities, Horizon Foundation for Developments has started “Hayyone Ajmal Initiative” (Our neighborhood is the best) which aims to incorporate children and young youth in community development and acquire them volunteering skills and environmental concepts.

The initiative started to aim some zones in Sana’a City; the capital of Yemen in which a group of 5-12 children between the ages of 8 and 13 selected and start cleaning up streets in their neighborhoods and conduct awareness activities among local residents. Volunteering in this initiative helps kids to learn that they can make a positive difference in their areas and in lives of others – and that feels downright inspiring and good.

This community service also cultivates empathy and helps those kids learn to recognize their personal good fortune and blessings. Volunteering among children fosters positive communication and strengthens bonds in the community in ways no other activity can. Hayyona Ajmal Initiative campaign has brought a great reaction from the children and their parents. Horizon Foundation is planning to recruit 5,000 young volunteers in all neighborhoods of Sana’a city.

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Horizon Foundation concluded phase 1 in WASH Project for IDPs in Abyan #Yemen #Horizon http://t.co/wAC0kY57OJ http://t.co/t3BQ0WIdJd
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