Horizon Foundation donates food items to IDPs in Abyan Governorate - Yemen

Zinjubar, June 3, 2015 Horizon Foundation for Development on Wednesday gave food items to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), in Abyan Governorate - Yemen.

According to the rapid assessment conducted by Horizon Foundation local team at the beginning of the events in Aden and Lahj , internal displacement in Abyan Governorate, which dates back to the outbreak of war in Aden and Lahj 3 months ago, is predominantly caused by communal clashes between pro-Saleh troops and Houthis and public resistance.Since the events, more than 78 communities were affected by the displacement with around 50,000 persons displaced.

A majority of the IDPs were women and children who remained in different host communities for fear of clashes and attacks.The assistance is timely and of essence due to the increased numbers of IDPs from Aden, Lahj and other districts of Abyan need for basic requirements.The Chairman of Horizon Foundation, Dr. Jamal Al-Haddi, said the gesture was in addition to the regular humanitarian supplies being distributed by the Foundation to the IDPs in different areas in Yemen including Abyan Governorate.

He restated the commitment of the Horizon Foundation to continuously support displaced persons even as the Foundation had also deployed its officers stationed in other governorate to further assist the IDPs. Al-Haddi said "Horizon Foundation would not relent in the regular distribution of humanitarian supports to the displaced persons". Receiving the relief donation, the local authorities officials and community leaders appreciated the prompt response of Horizon to the request from the local authorities.

They acknowledged the roles of Horizon in supporting the IDPs in the governorate but said the local authority was desirous of the Foundation to take over more responsibilities of feeding the displaced persons who were mostly displaced to public schools. The items donated are made up of food items which were delivered 193 families in the designated locations in Abyan by the Foundation's local teams. Horizon Foundation is planning in addition to continue targeting new families in feeding to establish 6 mobile clinics that provide primary health care and vaccination to the IDPs.

Furthermore, it will implement wash activities and health education sessions including distributing of wash items and dignity kits are being prepared to be implemented over the coming few weeks.


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