Horizon Foundation sends urgent medical supplies to first aids teams in Sana’a

(Sana’a, Yemen)

 Horizon Foundation has sent 400 boxes of medical supplies to the Third Eye Foundation for Media and development to be submitted to the trainees of the first aids training courses that held in Sana’a. This comes in the context of commitment of Horizon Foundation to mitigate the impact of the current crises that takes place in Yemen. 

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مؤسسة هورايزن
مؤسسة #هورايزون تختتم المرحلة الأولى من مشروع #النظافة في أبين #اليمن #أبين http://t.co/qUfGfXILNP http://t.co/NFjUV6W8x5
مؤسسة هورايزن
Horizon Foundation concluded phase 1 in WASH Project for IDPs in Abyan #Yemen #Horizon http://t.co/wAC0kY57OJ http://t.co/t3BQ0WIdJd
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